Sentence Examples with the word Paulus

Jersey City when first incorporated was a small sandy peninsula (an island at high tide) known as Paulus Hook, directly opposite the lower end of Manhattan Island.

Spent the greater part of his life; here Majorian was proclaimed; here the little Romulus donned his purple robe; here in the pinewood' outside the city his uncle Paulus received his decisive defeat from Odoacer.

In his explanation of the Gospel narratives Paulus sought to remove what other interpreters regarded as miracles from the Bible by distinguishing between the fact related and the author's opinion of it, by seeking a naturalistic exegesis of a narrative, e.g.

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Sokolowski's Geist and Leben bei Paulus (1903), p. 108 seq.

This step helped his studies, for he was sent to Tubingen in 1496 and became a favourite pupil of the guardian of the Minorite convent there, Paulus Scriptoris, a man of considerable general learning.

In this Handbuch Paulus really contributed much to a true interpretation of the Gospel narratives.

HEINRICH EBERHARD GOTTLOB PAULUS (1761-1851), German rationalistic theologian, was born at Leonberg, near Stuttgart, on the 1st of September 1761.

His greatest exploit was the brilliant surprise of Paulus Hook, N.J., on the 19th of August 1779; for this feat he received a gold medal, a reward given to no other officer below general's rank in the whole war.

Beside him are the Celts Josephus Scottus and Dungal, the Lombards Paulinus and Paulus Diaconus, the West Goth Theodulf and many Franks.

While in France Paulus was requested by Charlemagne to compile a collection of homilies.