Sentence Examples with the word Paulette

Dean left the group for the kitchen and found Paulette Dawkins had beaten him there.

Brandon Westlake moseyed by with Paulette and Ginger Dawkins, the first time Dean had seen the women voluntarily in one another's company.

His replacement early morning audience consisted of two old ladies from Indiana who'd just checked in, Pumpkin Green, and Paulette Dawkins.

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Their wives, Paulette for Paul and Ginger for straitlaced Joseph, were a contrast in themselves.

He rose and began pacing the room as Dean stopped by and proceeded to bend Dean's ear how this was the day he and Paulette were to receive a firm offer on the Lucky Pup property.

Paul and Paulette were huddled in the parlor looking almost as happy as the front porch pair.

Dean caught sight of Paulette Dawkins grabbing wildly at a purple contribution.

It's Paul and Paulette who are bunking separately, at least last night.

Brandon Westlake, lustfully examining a pile of rusty tins, was pulled away by Paulette Dawkins for consultation.

Paul and Paulette babbled about Telluride and how they wanted an early start for the fifty-mile trip on this summer sunshine morning.