Sentence Examples with the word Patted

Old women's nonsense--old women's nonsense! he repeated, but still he patted Pierre affectionately on the shoulder, and then went up to the table where Prince Andrew, evidently not wishing to join in the conversation, was looking over the papers his father had brought from town.

He kissed Sarah's cheek and patted Connor on the back.

Queequeg patted their foreheads; Starbuck scratched their backs with his lance; but fearful of the consequences, for the time refrained from darting it.

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She patted the pocket in her skirt containing the paper on which Jule had scribbled down the phone number of the towering man before her.

I gave her a larger piece than usual, and she chuckled and patted herself.

He examined the cut and patted her on the shoulder.

Late that night, when all had separated, Denisov with his short hand patted his favorite, Rostov, on the shoulder.

She called my attention to the new arrangement, and when I did not object she seemed pleased and patted herself.

He stroked her hair and then patted her awkwardly on the back of her neck.

She patted the handle of her whip with one hand and caressed the stock of her rifle with the other.