Sentence Examples with the word Paths

Narrow paths were shoveled through the drifts.

He inferred from the regularity of their general movements the rotation of the sun on its axis in a period of little less than a month; and he grounded on the varying nature of the paths seemingly traversed by them a plausible, though inconclusive, argument in favour of the earth's annual revolution.

It was all laid out into lovely lawns and gardens, with pebble paths leading through them and groves of beautiful and stately trees dotting the landscape here and there.

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Through the oases also ran paths to the Sudan by which the raw merchandise of the southern countries could be brought to Egypt.

It is needless to point out how such paths of disease, in their association with characteristic symptoms, have illuminated the clinical features of disease as well as the processes of normal function.

This we can only do by conceiving them as originally moving through intelligible space in rectilinear paths and with uniform velocities.

Canning, who had the best reason for knowing, defended the unreformed system on the ground that its very anomalies opened a variety of paths by which talent could make its way into parliament, and thus produced an assembly far more widely representative than could be expected from a more uniform and logical system.

In 1833 Thomas Graham, following the paths already traced out by E.

To destroy the red spider, syringe the plants copiously at night, and splash the paths with water.

There were no cities or large towns before the arrival of the Norsemen; no stone bridges spanned the rivers; stepping stones or hurdle bridges at the fords or shallows offered the only mode of crossing the broadest streams, and connecting the unpaved roads or bridle paths which crossed the country over hill and dale from the principal dials.