Sentence Examples with the word Parties

Owing to the disturbed state of the country, due to the presence of raiding parties from Nejd, Wellsted was unable to carry out his original intention of exploring the country to the west, and after an excursion along the Batina coast to Sohar he returned to India.

His ostentatious hatred of the revolutionary parties marked him out as the natural object for these accusations.

The oscillation of the centre of power between Meath and Tir Eogain, according as the ardri belonged to the southern or northern Hy Neill, produced corresponding perturbations in the balance of parties among the minor kings.

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On both sides was civil war, urged as fiercely as that against the common enemy, in which the parties sought allies indiscriminately among Christians and Mahommedans.

In Petersburg at that time a complicated struggle was being carried on with greater heat than ever in the highest circles, between the parties of Rumyantsev, the French, Marya Fedorovna, the Tsarevich, and others, drowned as usual by the buzzing of the court drones.

But the apparent hopelessness of any ending to the conflict, together with the frequent outrages of both parties on foreigners, afforded strong reasons for foreign intervention.

He had never missed a carousal at Danilov's or other Moscow revelers', drank whole nights through, outvying everyone else, and was at all the balls and parties of the best society.

In divorce law, the confession of a wife charged with adultery is always treated with circumspection and caution, for fear of collusion between the parties to a suit.

We inculcate the concept of scarcity at a young age, at birthday parties no less.

It arose incidentally out of a Conference Version, between the High Church and the Low Church parties convened by James I.