Sentence Examples with the word Pardoned

Thereupon Napoleon, in order to grace the new regime by an act of clemency, pardoned Moreau, it being understood that he must leave France.

Ampius Balbus, a supporter of Pompey, but afterwards pardoned by Julius Caesar (cf.

But Mamun generously pardoned him, as well as Fadl b.

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The effect of pardon, whether actual or constructive, is to put the person pardoned in the position of an innocent man, so that he may have 1 See further, on the ethical aspect, Montesquieu, Esprit des lois, bk.

Pole was impeached on a groundthe kings less charge of corruption and condemned, but Richard favor- at once pardoned him and restored him to favor, Dc ftes.

He magnanimously pardoned his brother, and they lived on not unfriendly terms for the next five years.

His system declared that holiness and sin are free voluntary exercises; that men act freely under the divine agency; that the slightest transgression deserves eternal punishment; that it is through God's mere grace that the penitent believer is pardoned and justified; that, in spite of total depravity, sinners ought to repent; and that regeneration is active, not passive, with the believer.

Idiots, insane persons, paupers, convicts and persons convicted of certain crimes (enumerated in the constitution) and not pardoned by the governor are disqualified from registering or voting.

Griffenfeldt was pardoned on the scaffold, at the very moment when the axe was about to descend.

Thus a common nuisance cannot be pardoned while it remains unredressed, or so as to prevent an abatement of it.