Sentence Examples with the word Palm trees

It was the city of palm trees of the ancient record of the Israelite invasion preserved in part in Judg.

Other palm trees found are the date, bamboo, palmyra, coco and dom.

In the Marshalls, in place of these stones, certain palm trees are similarly enclosed.

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All the islands are richly clothed with palm trees and flowering underwood.

Now the ruins of the city, the great temple of Ptah, the dwelling of Apis, and the palaces of the kings, are traceable only by a few stones among the palm trees and fields and heaps of rubbish.

To the south-west of the picturesque belts of palm trees which stretch inland from the northern coast of Bahrein, is a wide space of open sandy plain filled with gigantic tumuli or earth mounds, of which the outer layers of gravel and clay have been hardened by the weather action of centuries to the consistency of conglomerate.