Sentence Examples with the word Paled

His features paled and he bounded to his feet while the guard still spoke and motioned to two men at his right.

It was as if every fear he'd ever encountered paled before the idea of descending even a few feet closer to the edge that yawned before him.

It looked nice against her winter paled skin.

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However, the bones, their identity, Fitzgerald's present whereabouts, and all other unrelated matters paled in the joy of Martha's return.

Fears and concerns paled in importance to this unbelievable ability to save lives.

He glanced up at the cliff and his complexion paled slightly.

Charlemagne was endowed with the good and bad qualities of the epic king, and as in the case of Agamemnon and Arthur, his exploits paled beside those of his chief warriors.

The young man's face paled even more, until he was as white as his bleached hair.

But, as he grew stronger, his desire for their good opinion paled before an overmastering propensity to meddle in the affairs of foreign nations.

The death dealer paled and glanced at Deidre.