Sentence Examples with the word Palais

LOUIS JULES TROCHU (1815-1896), French general, was born at Palais (Belle-Ile-en-Mer) on the 1 2th of March 1815.

De Charles X (5th ed., Paris, 1840); Theodore Anne, Memoires, souvenirs, et anecdotes sur l'interieur du palais de Charles X et les evenements de 1815 d 1830 (2 vols., Paris, 1831); ib., Journal de Saint-Cloud a Cherbourg; Vedrenne, Vie de Charles X (3 vols., Paris, 1879); Petit, Charles X (Paris, 1886); Villeneuve, Charles X et Louis XIX en exil.

He lived in imperial state, building himself the great Palais Cardinal, now the Palais Royal, in Paris, another at Rueil near Paris, and rebuilding his ancestral chateau in Poitou.

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He erased the royal lilies from the panels of his carriages; and the Palais Royal, like the White House at Washington, stood open to all and sundry who cared to come and shake hands with the head of the state.

The first legal periodical was the Journal du palais (1672) of Claude Blondeau and Gabriel Gueret, and the first devoted to medicine the Nouvelles decouvertes dans toutes les parties de la medecine (1679) of Nicolas de Blegny, frequently spoken of as a charlatan, a term which sometimes means simply a man of many ideas.

The laws of the 13th of August and the 21st of December 1790 revoked all the existing appanages, except those of the Luxembourg Palace and the Palais Royal.

Immediately north of the kasbah are the buildings of the Sadiki College, and north of the college is the Palais de Justice, a building completed in 1901.

The performance was the occasion of a split among the actors of the Comedie Frangaise, and the new theatre in the Palais Royal, established by the dissidents, was inaugurated with Henri VIII (1791), generally recognized as Chenier's masterpiece; Jean Calas, ou l'ecole des juges followed in the same year.

His attitude in the House of Peers in the autumn of 1815 cost him a two years' exile to Twickenham; he courted popularity by having his children educated en bourgeois at the public schools; and the Palais Royal became the rendezvous of all the leaders of that middle-class opinion by which he was ultimately to be raised to the throne.

On the r 2th of July Camille Desmoulins announced the dismissal of Necker to the crowd in the Palais Royal.