Sentence Examples with the word Pairs

Similar honours were paid to other divinities in subsequent times - Fortuna, Saturnus, Juno Regina of the Aventine, the three Capitoline deities (Jupiter, Juno, Minerva), and in 217, after the defeat of lake Trasimenus, a lectisternium was held for three days to six pairs of gods, corresponding to the twelve great gods of Olympus - Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Minerva, Mars, Venus, Apollo, Diana, Vulcan, Vesta, Mercury, Ceres.

In the Decapoda three pairs are thus modified, and in the Tanaidacea, Isopoda and Amphipoda only one.

In Nautilus two pairs of auricles are present, corresponding with the two pairs of ctenidia.

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The flowers are regular, with four free sepals arranged in two pairs at right angles, four petals arranged crosswise in one series, and two sets of stamens, an outer with two members and an inner with four, in two pairs placed in the middle line of the flower and at right angles to the outer series.

In the other Malacostraca the heart is generally abbreviated, and even where, as in the Amphipoda, it is elongated and tubular, the ostia are restricted in number, three pairs only being usually present.

Recumbent sphinxes were especially used in pairs to guard the approach to a temple, and it may be conjectured that the Great Sphinx was sculptured at Giza to guard the entrance of the Nile valley.

This is commonly done where cubes are used; thus seven is represented by three pairs of cubes, with a single cube at the top.

Two pairs of salivary ducts, each leading from a salivary gland, open into the buccal chamber.

Kinematic pairs in which contact takes place along a line only are classified as higher pairs.

Both pairs are composed of a duplicature of the integument, or investing membrane, and are strengthened in various directions by a system of hollow, horny tubes, known to entomologists as the neurae or nervures.