Sentence Examples with the word PV

Pv' to pv 7, The seven veno-pericardiac muscles of the right side (labelled VPM in fig.

VPM' to VPM 7, The series of seven pairs of veno-pericardiac muscles (labelled pv in fig.

Once having accepted the principle of constitutional government, the emperor-king adhered to it loyally, in spite of the discouragement caused by party struggles embittered by racial antagonisms. If in the Cisleithan half of the monarchy pv rliamentary government broke down, this was through no fault of the emperor, who worked hard to find a mod us vivendi between the factions, and did not shrink from introducing manhood suffrage in the attempt to establish a stable parliamentary system.

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VPM' to VPN1 8, The eight pairs of veno-pericardiac muscles (labelled pv in fig.