Sentence Examples with the word PUBLIC WELFARE

Harsh and rough, he compelled admiration for his delight in work, his aptitude in disentangling affairs, his desire of continually augmenting the wealth of the state, and his regard for the public welfare without forgetting his own.

The pretty wood at Winschoten was laid out by the Society for Public Welfare (Tot Nut van het Algemeen) in 1826.

Savonarola's programme of the new government was comprised in the following formula: - (r) fear of God and purification of manners; (2) promotion of the public welfare in preference to private interests; (3) a general amnesty to political offenders; (4) a council on the Venetian model, but with no doge.

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Hadley's Economics: An Account of the Relations between Private Property and Public Welfare (1896).

The Society for Public Welfare (Maatschappij tot nut van het Algemeen), founded in 1785, has for its object the promotion of the education and improvement of all classes, and has branches in every part of Holland.

It contains some fine carvings, many interesting old tombs, and a monument of Jan Nieuwenhuizen, the founder of the Society for Public Welfare (Tot Nut van het Algemeen) in 1785.