Sentence Examples with the word PUBLIC AUCTION

A large quantity of the tin is sold by public auction at the mining exchange, the sales being known as tin-ticketings.

The prices below are the annual averages for all Indian teas sold in the London public auction market during the years stated.

Under the Benefices Act, advowsons may not be sold by public auction except in conjunction with landed property adjacent to the benefice; transfers of patronage must be registered in the registry of the diocese, and no such transfers can be made within twelve months after the last admission or institution to the benefice.

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When this is done, the revenues to be farmed are put up to public auction and sold to the highest bidder, provided he can prove himself amply solvent and produce sufficient sureties.

In 1840 there were grown, and offered at public auction in Calcutta early the following year, 35 packages, chiefly green teas, stated to have been manufactured by a chief of the Singpho tribe aided by the government establishment.