Sentence Examples with the word PAYS

Bern formally sanctioned becomes the innovations advocated by the Protestant preachers, a centre and although predominantly German assumed the of propa- role of protector of the reform party in the Pays ganda.

Special duties are imposed on liquors, arms and ammunition and petroleum, while imported salt pays the same duty as salt manufactured locally.

Republican and Socialist agitation, culminating in a series of dangerous risings, strengthened the position of the king as defender of middle-class interest; and since the middle classes constituted the pays legal which alone was represented in Parliament, he came to regard his position as unassailable, especially after the suppression of the risings under Blanqui and Barbes in 1839.

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From this time the Calaisis or territory of Calais was known as the Pays Reconquis.

God then, who is love, delivers us from evil through Christ, who pays the penalty of our transgression to the enemy of God and man.

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In the case of joint-stock companies the company pays the state, and deducts the amount from the individual owners of stocks and shares out of whose incomes the amount comes.

The unhappy lot of those who were compelled to learn their Latin from the current abridgments was lamented by a Port-Royalist in a striking passage describing the gloomy forest of le pays de Despautere (Guyot, quoted in Sainte-Beuve's Port-Royal, iii.

Where a tenant enters under an agreement for a lease and pays rent, the agreement will be regarded as a lease from year to year; and if the agreement is one of which specific performance would be decreed (i.e.