Sentence Examples with the word PARISHIONERS

It has two naves parallel, originally for the use of the nuns and the parishioners respectively.

Under the Public Worship Regulation Act of 1874, which gave to churchwardens and aggrieved parishioners the right to institute proceedings against the clergy for breaches of the law in the conduct of divine service, a discretionary right was reserved to the bishop to stay proceedings.

However much they might personally disapprove, ' zealous priests could not forbid their parishioners to dance on Sunday, if the practice had won widespread toleration; on the other hand, they could not relax the usual discipline of the church on the strength of a few unguarded opinions of too indulgent casuists.

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Three influential people, among them the rector of Bala, agitated some of the parishioners against him, and persuaded his rector to dismiss him.

For the reception of his parishioners he had three tables well covered - one for gentlemen, the second for husbandmen, the third for day-labourers; and this piece of hospitality he never omitted, even when losses or scarcity made its continuance difficult.

Sermons that edify are well attended; and his parishioners are as much edified by his good example as by his excellent discourses.