Sentence Examples with the word Ozark

Rather broad, smooth valleys, well degraded hills with rounded summits, and - despite the escarpments - generally smooth contours and sky-lines, characterize the whole of this Ozark region.

The Ozark region is substantially a low dome, with local faulting and minor undulations, dominated by a ridge - or, more exactly, a relatively even belt of highland - that runs from near the Mississippi about Ste Genevieve county to Barry county on the Arkansas border; the contour levels falling with decided regularity in all directions below this crest.

EUREKA SPRINGS, a city and health resort, one of the countyseats - Berryville being the other - of Carroll county, in the extreme north-western part of Arkansas, U.S.A., in the Ozark uplift, 1800 ft.

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He composed a considerable, quantity of poetry and several minor prose works, especially Notes on the Iroquois (1846); Scenes and Adventures in the Ozark Mountains (1853).

The western portion of the Ozark Mountains enters Oklahoma near the centre of the eastern boundary, and extends W.S.W.

Speaking generally, the Ozark region is characterized by reddish clays, mixed with gravels and stones, and cultivable in inverse proportion to the amount of these elements; northern Missouri by a generally black clay loam over a clay subsoil, with practically no admixture of stones; the southern prairies, above referred to, share the characteristics of those north of the Missouri.

The ores of the Joplin district, in the Ozark uplift in the Mississippi Valley, are remarkable in that they are specially adapted to mechanical concentration.

The St Francois Mountains and the neighbouring portion of the Ozark region are capped with Archean rocks.

Grapes are mainly grown in the Ozark region, and wine is produced in Gasconade and other central and north-central counties in amounts sufficient to place Missouri, California aside, in the front rank of wine states in the Union.

The Ozark uplift tempers very agreeably the summers in the south, but does not affect the climate of the state as a whole.