Sentence Examples with the word Oz

For the folks of Oz knew the kitten had tried to commit the crime, and that only an accident had prevented her from doing so; therefore even the Hungry Tiger preferred not to associate with her.

You may be sure the folks of Oz did their best with such a distinguished company watching them, and finally Zeb offered to wrestle with a little Munchkin who seemed to be the champion.

The brilliantly polished Tin Woodman marched next, at the head of the Royal Army of Oz which consisted of twenty-eight officers, from Generals down to Captains.

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But the second time I went to the Land of Oz I owned the Nome King's Magic Belt, which is much more powerful than were the Silver Shoes.

She's a friend of mine, for I met her in the Land of Ev, not long ago, and went to Oz with her.

Just then the girlish Ruler of Oz opened the door and greeted Dorothy with a good-morning kiss.

Dealing in the same way with the forces Yi, Zi at P1, we find that all three components of the force at P1 can be transferred to 0, provided we introduce three couples L1, Mi, Ni about Ox, Oy, Oz respectively, viz.

Yes. The first time I went to Oz I found you there, ruling the Emerald City.

Dorothy was herself anxious to get home, so she promised Eureka they would not stay in the Land of Oz much longer.

Ozma was happy to have Dorothy beside her, for girls of her own age with whom it was proper for the Princess to associate were very few, and often the youthful Ruler of Oz was lonely for lack of companionship.