Sentence Examples with the word Owning

A husband owning a homestead is debarred from selling or mortgaging it without the joinder of his wife, and if the husband dies leaving a widow or minor children the homestead passes to either or to both jointly, and may be so held until the youngest child is twenty-one years of age or until the marriage or death of the widow.

It turned out to be Captain Bildad, who along with Captain Peleg was one of the largest owners of the vessel; the other shares, as is sometimes the case in these ports, being held by a crowd of old annuitants; widows, fatherless children, and chancery wards; each owning about the value of a timber head, or a foot of plank, or a nail or two in the ship.

The Scottish lords were not to serve beyond the sea against their will, and were pardoned for their recent violence, in return owning allegiance to Edward.

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Men owning the same religious convictions will naturally draw together into some sort of association.

But picture Ben and Betsy, two city dwellers, neither owning a car.

An alternative route would be to have a company pension scheme owning the property.

Colonia, from colones, a cultivator), a term most commonly used to denote a settlement of the subjects of a sovereign state in lands beyond its boundaries, owning no allegiance to any foreign power, and retaining a greater or less degree of dependence on the mother country.

With the exception of deceased Dawkins, Senior owning the property where the skeleton was discovered, Fred should be on safe ground limiting his research to the identity of the elusive bones.

The vast extent of this donation, which, moreover, included territories not owning Charles's authority, and the fact that the king did not execute, or apparently attempt to execute, its provisions, has caused many scholars to look upon the passage as a forgery; but the better opinion would appear to be that it is genuine, or at least has a genuine basis.

When the fiscal year1906-1907opened, the number of private companies was no less than, 36, owning and operating 3276 m.