Sentence Examples with the word Ovaries

Testes and ovaries always free.

In Heliodrilus the blind extremity of the spermatheca is enclosed in a coelomic sac which is in connexion with the sacs envolving the ovaries and oviducts.

The genital glands, ovaries and testes, are attached to the dorsal wall of the body-cavity, in the immediate vicinity of the kidneys, with which the male glands are intimately connected.

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When the ovaries of the plant become affected with a peculiar fungus (Claviceps purpurea) they become blackened and distorted, constituting ergot.

Among peculiarities of the internal organs the segmental arrangement of the ovaries in most members of the order is noteworthy.

As in all poplars, the catkins expand in early spring, long before the leaves unfold; the ovaries bear four linear stigma lobes; the capsules ripen in May.

The paired ovaries discharge their products into a median coelemic chamber with lateral branches (C), often called the uterus, from which the ripe ova are discharged by a median dorsal pore into the terminal region of the rectum (cloaca).

The ovaries open in a similar position but never reach farther forward than the fourth segment.

In botany the word is used for ovaries not terminating in a stigma.

The female organs consist of distinct ovaries and yolk-glands, the ducts of which uniti.