Sentence Examples with the word Outstripped

He speedily outstripped all his competitors in grammatical studies, and by his skill and acumen as a student of philosophy, and in the college disputations gave fruitful promise of that consummate excellence as a reasoner in the department of speculative truth which he afterwards displayed.

In the meantime Napoleon had outstripped the preparations of his adversaries.

But the development of means of subsistence has been outstripped by the growth of population in recent years.

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But the real menace to the Latin kingdom lay in northern Syria; and here a power was eventually destined to rise, which outstripped the kings of Jerusalem in the race for Cairo, and then - with the northern and southern boundaries of Jerusalem in its control - was able to crush the kingdom as it were between the two arms of a vice.

The production of alkali in Great Britain, soon after the introduction of the Leblanc process, became the most extensive in the world, and outstripped that of all other countries put together.

It became a place of some importance in Roman days, especially as a port, and entirely outstripped its mother city.

In the case of Lamennais the disciple outstripped the master.

The fort has been dismantled; and in trade the town is outstripped by Astara, the customs station on the Persian frontier.

So we've reached an unprecedented situation in the course of human learning, which is this: The amount of data we have available has outstripped our ability to process it and turn it into knowledge.

It was a few years since the most numerously attended of any university in Germany, but it has since been outstripped by those of Berlin and of Munich.