Sentence Examples with the word Outlived

He had long outlived his reputation, and towards the end of his life his intellect failed him.

Doubtless the king's sore financial needs had much to do with the dissolution of the abbeys and the plundering of the shrines, but there is no reason to suppose that he was not fully convinced that the monks had long outlived their usefulness and that the shrines were centres of abject superstition and ecclesiastical deceit.

In Spain the Gothic power outlived the Roman power, but it outlived it only by itself becoming in some measure Roman.

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It was, however, far easier to acknowledge that the Capitulations rgime was defective and had outlived its time than to devise a remedy and get all the nations interested to accept it.

But he had outlived his time.

But as the father outlived the son, it was Frederick I., Barbarossa, who was actually the first reigning king to be elected here (in 1152).

Similar practical considerations forced the nobles of other European countries either to conform to less sentimental methods of warfare and to growing conceptions of nationality, or to become mere Ishmaels of the type which outlived the middle ages in Gdtz von Berlichingen and his compeers.

No, lad, either you fellows have all lost your wits, or I have outlived mine.

She outlived Henry's coronation by ten years; her husband had died in 1151.

The Meistergesang reached its highest point in the 16th century; and it can hardly be said to have outlived that epoch, although the traditions of the Meistersinger schools lingered in south German towns even as late as the 19th century.