Sentence Examples with the word Ouray

He accepted her offer and thus became Under Sheriff of Ouray County, Colorado.

My monthly condition excuses me from duties today so I donned my finest dress and strolled the streets of Ouray like the lady that was once Annie Quincy.

Cynthia had volunteered a couple of hours selling tickets for the Ouray Chamber's Jeep raffle.

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The Buen was nearly full, but as the season crept toward the Fourth of July and the heart of summer, finding a dinner seat anywhere in Ouray would often require patience.

Cynthia took advantage of their infrequent occasions of dinning out to dress more than Ouray required, simply because it was one of few opportunities for her to do so.

The wedding took place the Sunday before the election for Ouray County Sheriff.

Fred said Fitzgerald lived here in Ouray and his father was a miner.

I drove the trip for fifteen years, when I started coming back to Ouray again.

Wild flowers had become a hobby of Cynthia's since coming to Ouray County.

There was a chill in the early day air as Dean drove the topless Jeep north through town as Ouray was waking up.