Sentence Examples with the word Ottomans

Thereafter the Mamelukes took and kept possession, despite the renewed Tatar inroad of 1401, until the final conquest by the Ottomans in 1517.

In spite of the internal corruption which, under Murad III., heralded the decay of the empire, the prestige of the Ottomans in Europe was maintained during his reign.

The Ottomans have as a rule been particularly successful with elegies; this one by Bati has never been surpassed.

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But the Ottomans did not stop here: in their romantic poems they chose as subjects the favourite themes of their Persian masters, such as Leyli and Mejnun, Khusrev and Shiriri, Yusuf and Zuleykha, and so on; they constantly allude to Persian heroes whose stories occur in the Shah-Nama and other storehouses of Iranian legendary lore; and they wrote their poems in Persian metres and in Persian forms. The mesnevi, the kasida and the ghazel - all of them, so far at least as the Ottomans are concerned, Persian - were the favourite'verse-forms of the old poets.

Their fleets were divided into squadrons, of which one, under Tombazes, was deputed to watch for the entrance of the Ottomans into the archipelago, while the other under Andreas Miaoulis sailed to blockade Patras and watch the coasts of Epirus.

Meanwhile from the north the Ottomans were making another supreme effort.

The Mamelukes (slaves), imported from the eastern borders of the Black Sea and then trained as soldiers, usurped the government of Egypt, and held it till 1517, when the Ottomans began to rule.

It suffered much during the 16th century from the hordes of Ottomans who then ravaged the country.

He refused to wage war with Turkey even under the most favourable circumstances, nor could he be drawn into the Holy League against the Ottomans in 1600.

The victories of Charles of Lorraine at Parkany (1683) and Esztergom (Gran) (1685) were followed by the capture of Budapest (1686) and the defeat of the Ottomans at Charles V.