Sentence Examples with the word Ostend

Apart from these docks Ostend has a very considerable passenger and provision traffic with England, and is the headquarters of the Belgian fishing fleet, estimated to employ 400 boats and 1600 men and boys.

The Ostend Company was formed in 1722-1723, and with a capital of less than a million sterling founded two settlements, one at Coblom (Covelong) on the Madras coast between the English Madras and the Dutch Sadras, and the other on the Hugh between the English Calcutta and the Dutch Chinsura.

Some lines on the siege of Ostend spread his fame beyond the circle of the learned.

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The foundation of the Ostend East India Company (see Ostend Company), however, by the emperor Joseph II.

Of Ostend was the Tirpitz battery with 4 r r-in: ranging 35, 000 yd., and 3 m.

A weekly service between Constantza and Constantinople is conducted by state-owned steamers, including the fast mail and passenger boats in connexion with the Ostend and Orient expresses.

See Lohmeyer, Geschichte von Ost-und WestPreussen (Gotha, 1884); Brunneck, Zur Geschichte des Kirchen-Patronats in Ostend West-Preussen (Berlin, 1902), and Ost-Preussen, Land und Volk (Stuttgart, 1901-1902).

It has disappeared from the map, but is famous as the principal settlement of the ill-fated Ostend Company, the one great effort made by Germany to secure a foothold in India.

A month before the surrender, however, another and more commodious seaport, Sluis, had fallen into the possession of the States army under Maurice, and thus the loss of Ostend was discounted.

Mason and Pierre Soule, the ministers respectively to Great Britain, France and Spain, met at Ostend and Aix-la-Chapelle in October 1854 to discuss the Cuban question.