Sentence Examples with the word Oskar

Among lyrists who have attracted attention in their various fields are Oskar Levertin (1862-1906) and Emil Kleen (1868-1898).

An English translation in 18 vols., edited by Oskar Levy, reached the 13th vol.

Left four sons, of whom two, Carl (Charles XV.) and Oskar Fredrik (Oscar II.), succeeded to his throne.

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In the greater part of its course it is a transverse slit, but in traversing the glans it enlarges considerably to form the fossa navicularis, and here, in transverse section, it looks like an inverted T (1), then an inverted Y (A), and finally at its opening '-'uNtAT and Adolf (1806-1871), and his grandsons Johann Adolf and Oskar Philipp.