Sentence Examples with the word Orographical

The Smaland highlands abut southward upon the plains of Skane, the last of the main orographical divisions, which coincides, roughly with the old province of Skane (Scania).

But to use such terms for what is not only an independent, but also an older, orographical formation than the Caucasus tends to perpetuate confusion in geographical nomenclature.

The study of the scenery of England and Wales as a whole, or the study of orographical and geological maps of the country, allows a broad distinction to be drawn between the types of land-forms in the west and in the east.

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Geologically, the Himalaya may be divided into three zones which correspond more or less with orographical divisions.

Although these several ranges, or systems of ranges, differ considerably in their orographical characteristics, the following description will apply generally to the entire region from the Astin-tagh southwards to the Arka-tagh.

Owing to the orographical structure of the East-European plains, the river systems have become more than usually prominent and.

In the broad orographical disposition of the ranges there is considerable similarity between north Tibet and west Persia, in that in both cases the ranges are crowded together in the west, but spread out wider as they advance towards the east.

It will be enough to say here that the mountainous region belongs to the great orographical flange which runs from south-west to northeast along the north-western margin of the great plateau of Central Asia.

Maps of Newfoundland, orographical as well as geological, scale I: 1, 584, 200, have been published.

The orographical characteristics of the Caucasus are described in detail under that heading.