Sentence Examples with the word Ordaining

The care taken in the selecting and ordaining of the seven deacons argues a religious character for the common meals, which they were to serve.

The decree ordaining the celebration is printed in the Bollandist Ada Sanctorum (Saec. VI., pt.

They were accused of ordaining serfs without the consent of their lords, consecrating bishops per saltum, i.e.

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We may grant the pope's contention that the Edwardine church had no belief in priests who offered in sacrifice the body and blood of Christ or in bishops capable of ordaining such priests.

The issue of an important edict ordaining the erection of heathen altars in every township of Palestine, and the appointment of officers to deal with recusants, brought matters to a crisis.

Gave strong impetus to the repression of the Jews, especially by ordaining the wearing of a badge.

Once ordained bishop of Edessa, with the connivance of Theodora, James, disguised as a ragged beggar (whence his name Baradaeus, Syriac Burdeana, Arabic alBar adia), traversed these regions preaching, teaching and ordaining new clergy to the number, it is said, of 80,000.

The lay element, with the help of Charles and a few other stalwarts, carried the matter through - ordaining nine at Bala in June, and thirteen at Llandilo in August.

The latter in being ordained had the Gospel laid on their heads, and the same feature occurs in old Gallican and Coptic rites of ordaining a bishop.

In the month of January 1663, ordaining that the beginning of the year should thenceforth be considered as taking place on the 1st of January.