Sentence Examples with the word Oratorian

Vieira was a man of action, while the oratorian Manoel Bernardes lived as a recluse, hence his sermons and devotional works, especially Luz e Calor and the Nova Floresta, breathe a calm and sweetness alien to the other, while they are even richer treasures of pure Portuguese.

The first edition of Massillon's complete works was published by his nephew, also an Oratorian (Paris, 1745-1748), and upon this, in the absence of MSS., succeeding reprints were based.

Though the son of a poor joiner, he received a good education in the Oratorian colleges of Tournon and Lyons.

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See also the critical study by the oratorian A.

He published a number of theological works, and edited the Oratorian Lives of the Saints.

On his return to France he joined the Oratorian Fathers, and when Marshal Bassompierre was sent to England in 1627 to regulate the differences between Henrietta Maria and her husband, Harlay de Sancy was attached to the queen's ecclesiastical household, but Charles I.

Six of his most famous sermons were edited, with a biographical sketch of their author, by the Oratorian Borde in 1704.

In 1785 he left the Oratorian college where he was prefect of studies, came to Paris, married and bought a position as avocat in the parlement.