Sentence Examples with the word Opuscula

St Jerome attributes to Victor some opuscula in Latin, which are believed to be recognized in certain apocryphal treatises of St Cyprian.

Horace appears to have thought well of Cassius as a poet, for he asks Tibullus whether he intends to compete with the opuscula (probably the elegies) of Cassius (Epistles, i.

Important contributions to textual criticism are contained in Ritschl Parerga (1845), Neue plautinische Excurse (1869), and his collected Opuscula philologica; Studemund, Studia in priscos scriptores latinos (vol.

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Meier, Opuscula academica, ii.

He returns to the subject in Stieber's Opuscula academics (1834).

Schafer, 1817), Apollodorus, Bibliotheca Graeca (1803), Homer, Iliad (1802); Opuscula academica (1785-1812), containing more than a hundred academical dissertations, of which the most valuable are those relating to the colonies of Greece and the antiquities of Etruscan art and history.

He published, among other mathematical works, Clavis Mathematica, in 1631, in which he introduced new signs for certain mathematical operations (see Algebra); a treatise on navigation entitled Circles of Proportion, in 1632; works on trigonometry and dialling, and his Opuscula Mathematica, published posthumously in 1676.

He published separately: - Istoria Universale (Roma, 1697), only one volume of which appeared; De Calendario et Cyclo Caesaris (1703); Hesperi et Phosphori nova Phaenomena (1729), in which he asserted Venus to rotate in 243 days; and (posthumously) Astronomicae et Geographicae Observationes Selectae (1737) and Opuscula Varia (1754).

Torbern Olof Bergman used an elaborate system in his Opuscula physica et chemica (1783); the 1 Dalton's atomic theory is treated in more detail in the article Atom.

Prou (1886) and C. Jacoby (1885-1891); Opuscula by Usener and Radermacher (1899); Eng.