Sentence Examples with the word Optimates

The commander of a cohort or legion); while in the middle ages the term is still applied vaguely in charters to the magnates of the state or the high officials of the palace, principes being treated as the equivalent of proceres, optimates or seniores.

The optimates resented the extraordinary powers that had been conferred upon him; Lucullus and Crassus considered that they had been robbed by him of the honour of concluding the war against Mithradates.

Thus the optimates of Venice did what the optimates of Rome strove to do: they established a nobility whose one qualification was descent from those who had held office in past times.

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In 75 he was consul, and excited the hostility of the optimates by carrying a law that abolished the Sullan disqualification of the tribunes from holding higher magistracies; another law de judiciis privatis, of which nothing is known, was abrogated by his brother.