Sentence Examples with the word Opisthocoelous

F, P, This is particularly evident in the case of the Stegocephalians; and recent batrachians, tailed and tailless, show the mode of articulation of the vertebrae,whether amphicoelous, opisthocoelous or procoelous, to be of but secondary systematic importance in dealing with these lowly vertebrates.

In such cases the distinction between amphicoelous and opisthocoelous vertebrae rests merely on a question of ossi A S FIG.

Amphicoelous (bi-concave) vertebrae are found in the Apoda and in some of the Caudata; opisthocoelous (convexo-concave) vertebrae in the higher Caudata and in the lower Ecaudata; whilst the great majority of the Ecaudata have procoelous (concavo-convex) vertebrae.

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In the trunk vertebrae the opisthocoelous character of the centrum graduall y diminishes.