Sentence Examples with the word Opere

The most important critical works are perhaps those of Felice Tocco, Le Opere Latine di Giordano Bruno (Florence, 1889), Le Opere Inedite di Giordano Bruno (Naples, 1891), Le Fonti piu recenti della fibs.

Zanardelli, minister of justice, secured in June 1888 the adoption of a new penal code; state surveillance was extended to the opere pie, or charitable institutions; municipal franchise was reformed by granting what was practically manhood suffrage with residential qualification, provision being made for minority representation; and the central state administration was reformed by a bill fixing the number and functions of the various ministries.

LOW CHURCHMAN, a term applied to members of the Church of England or its daughter churches who, while accepting the hierarchical and sacramental system of the Church, do not consider episcopacy as essential to the constitution of the Church, reject the doctrine that the sacraments confer grace ex opere operato (e.g.

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Benoist's Guichardin, historien et homme d'etat italien an X VI' siecle (Paris, 1862), and C. Gioda's Francesco Guicciardini e le sue opere inedite (Bologna, 1880) are not without value, but the authors had not had access to many important documents since published.

The collected tales of the Moldavian Ion Creanga (1837-89) appeared in his Opere complecte (1908).

His tragedy Tommaso Moro had been published in 1833, his most important subsequent publication being the Opere inedite in 1837.

Mayr, Brevi notizie storiche della vita e delle, opere di Giuseppe Haydn (1809); Griesinger, Biographische Notizen fiber Joseph Haydn (1810); Carpani, Le Haydeni (1812 and 1823); Bombet (M.

For more detailed historical study consult C. Beccari's Notizia e Saggi di opere e documenti inediti riguardanti la Storia di Etiopia durante i Secoli XVI., XVII.

See C. Cipolla, Note bibliografiche circa l'odierna condizione degli studi critici sul testo delle opere di Paolo Diacono (Venice, 1901); the Atti e memorie del congresso storico tenuto in Cividale (Udine, Two); F.

Meomartini, Monumenti e opere d'Arte di Benevento (Benevento, 1899); T.