Sentence Examples with the word Open with

The second act of the drama may be said to open with the irretrievable blunder of Nicias in letting the Spartan Gylippus first land in Sicily, and then march at the head of a small army, partly levied on the spot, across the island, and enter Syracuse by way of Epipolae, past Euryelus.

He sensed the creature ascend the stairs and chose a room at random, shoving it open with his hip.

Ottoman literature may be said to open with a few mystic lines, the work of Sultan Veled, son of Maulana Jelal-ud-Din, the author of the great Persian poem the Mathnawi.

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Slicing the end of the envelope open with one smooth movement, he placed the letter opener back where it belonged and shoved the drawer shut.

In the south, the Carboniferous deposits open with the Carboniferous Slate, in the base of which the Coomhola Grits occur.

The room key was in his raincoat pocket and he managed to pull it out with two fingers and fit it into the lock, pushing the door open with his shoulder.

In the case of large and thick cylinders, however, another process of opening the ends is generally employed: an assistant attaches a small lump of hot glass to the domed end, and the heat of this added glass softens the cylinder sufficiently to enable the assistant to cut the end open with a pair of shears; subsequently the open end is spun out to the diameter of the whole as described above.

The cakes when completed are, in order to remove them from the mould, slit open with a sharp knife, which is kept wet, and are hung up to dry.

The windows were open with no glass, and heavy iron chandeliers hung from thick wooden rafters and were burning real candles.

Pushing the door open with his foot, he dropped the contents of his arms on the bed and opened the dresser drawers.