Sentence Examples with the word Op

Teding van Berkhout, De Landaanwinning op de Friesche Wadden (1869); J.

Tonkes, Volkskunde von Bali (Halle, 1888); Liefrinck, De rijst cultuur op Bali, Indische Gids.

When the frame of this arrangement is rapidly displaced through a small horizontal range to the right and left of the direction in which the rod points, the weight b by its inertia tends to remain at rest, and the motion of the frame, which is that of the earth, is magnified in the ration op to bp. This apparatus, of which there are many types, was first introduced into seismometry by Professor Ewing.

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Their club (see FEUILLANTS, CLUB OP THE), desired the strict and loyal application of the cOnstitution without encroaching upon the authority of the king; the triumvirate, Duport, Barnave and Lameth, were at the head of this party.

Veth, Een Nederlandsch reiziger op Zuid Celebes (Amsterdam, 1875); J.

In September 1513 Nunez crossed the isthmus and (on the 25th or 26th) discovered the Pacific. Immediately afterwards he was succeeded by Pedro Arias de Avila, by whom Nueva Andalucia and Castilla del Oro were united in 1514 under the name of Tierra Firma, and who founded in 1519 the city of Panama, now the oldest European settlement op the mainland in America.

Stripped of all unnecessary adjuncts, and reduced to a geometric form, the ideal method by which the zenith distance of a heavenly body is determined by the combination which we have described is as follows: - Let OP (fig.

Let r be the distance of a point P from a fixed origin 0, 0 the angle which OP makes with a fixed direction OZ, il the azimuth of the plane ZOP relative to some fixed plane through OZ.

Jacobs, Het famille-en Kampongleven op Groot Atjeh (Leyden, 1894); C. Snouck Hurgronje, De Atjehers (Batavia, 1894).

The imports op incomes from personal estate (ricchezza mobile) were introduced in 1866; it applies to incomes derived from investments, industry or personal enterprise, but not to landed revenues.