Sentence Examples with the word Oolite

The name of Archaeopteryx litho graphica was based by Hermann von Meyer upon a feather (Gr.irrEpv, wing) found in 1861 in the lithographic slate quarries of Solenhofen in Bavaria, the geological horizon being that of the Kimmeridge clay of the Upper Oolite or Jurassic system.

In the beds of the Lower Oolite portions of the skull of a reptile resembling the gavial of the Ganges had been previously discovered, from which a new genus called Steneosaurus has been founded.

The Lias and Oolite formations are well represented, but the Sequanian and Kimmeridgian subdivisions are absent.

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The rest of the county, comprising all its south-east portions between the Middle Oolite belt and the sea, all its northeast portions between the chalk belt and the sea, and a narrow tract up the course of the Ancholme river, consists of alluvial deposits or of reclaimed marsh.

Macroura, two specimens from the upper Oolite of Solenhofen, Bavaria.

Freestone is quarried around Ancaster, and good oolite building stone is quarried near Lincoln and other places.

The oldest known bird is theArchaeopteryx, of the upper Oolite in Bavaria.

They vary in texture from a fine-grained compact oolite to a coarse-grained rock composed of angular or rounded fragments, and they commonly exhibit strongly marked false bedding.

The Lower Oolite is distinguished by the occurrence in it of some coal-seams, one of which, 31 ft.

The Jurassic system - comprising, in descending order, the subdivisions of Upper Oolites (Portlandian Kimmeridge Clay), Middle Oolites (coal limestones; Oxford clay), Lower Oolites (Great Oolite series; Inferior Oolite series), Lias (Upper, Middle, Lower) - is well represented on both sides of the Highlands.