Sentence Examples with the word Oogonium

It is interesting to know, on the authority of Oltmanns, that when the oosphere is forming in the oogonium of Vaucheria, there is a retrocession of all the included nuclei but one.

Monoblepharis has oogonia with single oospheres and antheridia developing a few amoeboid uniciliate antherozoids; these creep to the opening of the oogonium and then swim in.

The I, Oogonium (og) with the an5, Fertilized oogonium sur theridial branch (az) applied rounded by two layers of to its surface.

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The contents of the antheridium are not set free, but that organ penetrates the oogonium by means of a narrow outgrowth, the fertilizing tube, and a male nucleus then passes over into the single oosphere, which at first multinucleate becomes uninucleate before fertilization.

Young tube (a) of the antheridium multinucleate oogonium (og) which introduces the male and antheridium (an).

Chara sp., oogonium and D1.

Mycelium present, antheridia with antherozoids, oogonium with single oosphere: Monoblepharidaceae.

Oedogonium sp., oogonium antheridium at a node on at moment of fertilization a lateral appendage.

Vaucheria sp., oogonium and with crown of cilia.