Sentence Examples with the word Onto

Pierre again went up onto the knoll where he had spent over an hour, and of that family circle which had received him as a member he did not find a single one.

She pulled onto the crowded street and drove with barely contained patience through the residential areas before flooring the car when she reached the highway.

Suddenly she jumped up onto a tub to be higher than he, embraced him so that both her slender bare arms clasped him above his neck, and, tossing back her hair, kissed him full on the lips.

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Coming out onto a field under the enemy's fire, this brave general went straight ahead, leading his men under fire, without considering in his agitation whether going into action now, with a single division, would be of any use or no.

Groggily, she rolled onto her back and stared at a wood ceiling.

Friends and strangers alike acted out their stilted scenes before dropping onto the page as words again.

He all but flung her onto a horse, and she righted herself, joining a long caravan of well-armed men.

She gave him an agitated look and rolled onto her stomach, twisting her head away from him.

She latched onto the nipple, sucking so hard that air leaked between her lips and the nipple with a squeaky sound.

Glancing at the road behind them he pulled back onto the highway.