Sentence Examples with the word One point

When the methods for effecting this had been worked out practically it finally led to the inventions of Slaby, Braun and others being united into a system called the Telefunken system, which, as regards the transmitter, consisted in forming a closed oscillation circuit comprising a condenser, spark gap and inductance which at one point was attached either directly or through a condenser to the earth or to an equivalent balancing capacity, and at some other point to a suitably tuned antenna.

The balloon cannot be transferred with any degree of certainty from one point of the earth's surface to another, and hence the chief danger in its employment.

PUMP, 1 a machine which drives a liquid from one point to another, generally at different levels, the latter being usually the higher; an air-pump is an appliance for exhausting or I The word appears apparently first in English in the Promptorium Parvulorum, c. 1440, of a ship's pump (hauritorium), in Dutch (pompe), a little later, dialectically, of a conduit pipe for water, but in the sense of a means of raising water it does not occur in Dutch or Ger.

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The segmentation is peculiar, and leads to the formation of a solid gastrula, consisting of a cortex of ectoderm nuclei surrounding a central endodermal mass, which is exposed at one point - the blastopore.

Accordingly, since the total solid angle round a point is 47r, it follows that the total flux through the closed surface due to the single point charge q is 41rq, and what is true for one point charge is true for any collection forming a total charge Q of any form.

It is a curious fact that Cebu stands quite by itself, although the deep channel separating it from Negros narrows at one point to about 4 m.

Except along the centre of the Irish Sea, at one point off the Tweed and one between Devon and Normandy, the depth of water between England and the nearest land nowhere exceeds 50 fathoms.

It pursues mainly a north-western direction, at one point being carried over the shoulder of Cairn mon-earn (1245 ft.).

But there is one point in the human frame - a point midway in the brain, single and free, which may in a special sense be called the seat of the mind.

It is, however, the main business of logic to direct us how out of judgments to form inferences signified by discourse; and this is the one point which conceptual logic has contributed to the science of inference.