Sentence Examples with the word On 1

Rawlinson on 1 and 2 Macc. in the Speaker's Commentary 1888 (containing much useful matter, but marred by too frequent inaccuracy); O.

This is partly dust blown on 1 See C. Kruuse in Geografisk Tidskrift, xv.

But the Poles proving obstinate, and Austria simultaneously displaying a disquieting interest in the welfare of the Republic, Prussia, on 1 I Pol.

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Nigrescens live in damp earth and may be seen after storms or early in the morning crawling up the stalks of plants, a fact which causes people to talk about showers of worms. The eggs are laid on 1 Ercolani successfully cultivated Oxyuris curvula, Strongylus armatus and other species in damp earth; the free generation was found to differ from the parasitic by its small size, and by the females being ovoviviparous instead of oviparous.