Sentence Examples with the word Omnium

In 434, three years after the council of Ephesus, he wrote the Commonitorium adversus profanas omnium haereticorum novitates, in which he ultimately aims at Augustine's doctrine of grace and predestination.

In his Refutatio omnium haeresium he gives the same ippoty- account as Irenaeus with certain slight differences, which li.

Besides the list in Bohn's Lowndes, which is somewhat of an omnium gatherum, three lists drawn with more or less care were compiled in the 19th century.

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It is, then, only in a limited sense that we can see a local canon law in the councils of the various regional 1 Omnium concilii Vaticani.

The theory of the origin of society put forth by Hobbes, though directly opposed in most respects to modern ideas of social evolution, deserves mention here by reason of its enforcing that principle of struggle (bellum omnium contra omnes) which has played so conspicuous a part in the modern doctrine of evolution.

In September of the same year, by the bull Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum, he reconstituted the Society of Jesus.

In 1741 he issued the bull Immensa pastorum principis, demanding more humane treatment for the Indians of Brazil and Paraguay, and in the bulls Ex quo singulari (1742) and Omnium sollicitudinum (1744) he rebuked the missionary methods of the Jesuits in accommodating their message to the heathen usages of the Chinese and of the natives of Malabar.

Livio Bellorum omnium annorum DCC Libri duo, is written in a bombastic and rhetorical style, and is rather a panegyric of the greatness of Rome, whose life is divided into the four periods of infancy, youth, manhood and old age.

ALL SOULS' DAY (Commemoratio omnium fidelium defunctorum), the day set apart in the Roman Catholic Church for the commemoration of the faithful departed.

He endeavoured to reconcile the Protestant churches with the Roman Catholic, and at a conference at Hanover in 1683 presented his Regulae circa Christianorum omnium ecclesiasticum reunionem.