Sentence Examples with the word Ommatidia

There are over 25,000 ommatidia in the eye of a hawk moth.

Watase has shown, in a very convincing way, how by deepening the pit-like set of cells beneath a simple lens the more complex ommatidia of the compound eyes of Crustacea and Hexapoda may be derived from such a condition as that presented in the lateral eyes of Limulus and Scorpio.

The compound eye of the king-crab (Limulus) is the only recognized instance of ommatidia in their simplest state.

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They consist of a varying number of ommatidia or visual elements, covered by a transparent region of the external cuticle forming the cornea.

But they seem to point to a community of origin of Hexapods and Crustacea in regard to the complicated ommatidia of the compound eye, and to a certain isolation of the Arachnida, which are, however, traceable, so far as the eyes are concerned, to a distant common origin with Crustacea and Hexapoda through the very simple compound eyes (monostichous, polymeniscous) of Limulus.

In Crustacea and Hexapoda of all grades we find compound eyes with the more complicated ommatidia described above.