Sentence Examples with the word Omitted

It is, however, maintained by some that, except in the case of the sick, the only legitimate method of receiving absolution in the Church of England is in the public services of the congregation; and the Church of Ireland has recently made important alterations even in the passages that concern the sick, while the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States has omitted that part of the visitation service altogether.

If a decennial period be taken, then-for the purpose of the new calculation -the earliest year is omitted and the latest year added, the number of years continuing at ten.

Murat reported the movement of the Saxons on the previous day, but omitted to send a strong detachment in pursuit.

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I looked up for clarification with the knowledge I'd been omitted from the decision phase of our discussion.

I supply a word here and there, sometimes a sentence, and suggest something which she has omitted or forgotten.

An accidental omission is discovered, and the person responsible, or another, places what is omitted in the margin at the foot of the page or in some other part of the text, usually adding a mark to show where it ought to have been.

While trying to feed his army he omitted to fight it, and, with the chance of overwhelming the Prussians by one great effort of marching, he delayed the necessary orders till too late, and the Prussian II.

The figures in the table below are from the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, June 1 9 06: quotations for August and September were omitted to avoid the transition movements between the price levels of two crops.

This provision was omitted from Magna Carta, except so far as it related to aids from the citizens of London.

The natives are found chiefly in Zoutpansberg district, 1 For most purposes this military element is omitted in the census returns.