Sentence Examples with the word Om

This angle is called the angle of elevation; OM is constant and is FIG.

Ekholm, Om klimatets andringar i geologisk och historisk tid.

In 1839 he wrote a series of articles on popular education, and (in 1841) an anonymous work, Om Straff och straffanstalter, advocating prison reforms. Twice during his father's lifetime he was viceroy of Norway.

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Beekman, De Strijd om het Bestaan (Zutphen, 1887), a manual on the characteristic hydrography of the Netherlands; and E.

De Geer; Om Skandinaviens niveif orandringar under quartarperioden (Stockholm, 1888); R.

Darfur and Kordofan.On the outbreak of the mahdis rebellion Slatin Bey was governor of the province, and when Madibbo, the insurgent sheikh of Rizighat, attacked and occupied Shakka and was following up his success, Slatin twice severely defeated him, and, having concentrated his forces at El Fasher, repulsed the enemy again at Om Shanga.

On the circle, and let M be another point on the circle so related to P that the ordinate PQ moves from A to 0 in the same time as the vector OM describes a quadrant.

The Danish work in Greenland is recorded mainly in Meddelelser om Gronland; in vol.

Frequently the case in fjord basins; for instance, in the Gullmar Fjord at a depth of 50 fathoms with water of 34.14 per mille salinity and ' Meddelelser om Gronland (Copenhagen, 1904), p. 331.

Gedid was reached on the 23rd, and the khalifa was ascertained to be at Om Debreikat.