Sentence Examples with the word Oleate

The following results have been obtained Clean 74.o Greasy to the point where camphor motions nearly cease 53.o Saturated with olive oil 41.0 Saturated with sodium oleate 25 o (Phil.

It is not used internally, but from it is made Emplastrum Plumbi (diachylon plaster), which is an oleate of lead and is contained in emplastrum hydrargeri, emplastrum plumbi iodidi, emplastrum resinae, emplastrum saponis.

Jackson patented the preparation of ammonium oleate directly in the washing water, and it is claimed that for cleansing articles it is only necessary to immerse them in the water containing the preparation and then rinse.

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A number of salts of thorium have been prepared for therapeutic use, including the hydroxide, nitrate, salicylate, oleate and lactate.

The oleate has been used in chronic eczema and psoriasis and locally in cancer.

Those treated here are the sulphate, oxide, carbonate, oleate and acetate.