Sentence Examples with the word Og

De Danske og Nord-Mcendene i England, Skotland og Irland (1851), an antiquarian rather than an historical study; G.

Petersen, Om Nordboernes Gudedyrkelse og Gudetro i Hedenold (Copenhagen, 1876); H.

P. Madsen, Gravhoie og Gravfund fra Stenalderen i Danmark (Copenhagen, 1900); S.

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Rost, Nogle Bemaerkninger om Hans Nielsen Hauge og hans Retning (1883), and the article in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopadie.

From its axis (0), if the radius of gyration about a longitudinal axis through G, aiid 0 the inclin - ation of OG to the vertical, FIG.

See P. Oxe's live og levnet (Copenhagen, 1675); Danmarks riges historie, vol.

These two were followed by Politik og Historie (1807-1810); Saga (1816-1820), a quarterly review edited by J.

Vedel (Copenhagen, 1882); Aage Friis, Bernstorfferne og Danmark (Copenhagen, 1899).

Sibree, Madagascar and its People (London, 1870); Tantara ny Andriana eto Madagascar: Histoire des rois d'Imerina d'apres les manuscrits malgaches, (Antananarivo, 1875); Mullens, Twelve Months in Madagascar (London, 1875); Blanchard, L' Ile de Madagascar (Paris, 18 75); Dahle, Madagaskar og dets Beboere (Christiania, 1876-1878); Sibree and Baron (eds.), The Antananarivo Annual, Nos.

The confidence with which the great cities of Og were identified with the extensive remains of ancient sites in the Leja and Hauran has also been shown to be without justification.