Sentence Examples with the word Officiated

In November 1396 he had officiated at the marriage of Richard and Isabella, daughter of Charles VI., king of France, and his fall was the sequel of the king's sudden attack upon the lords appellant in 1397.

He was for a short time chancellor of England during 1381, and in January 1382 he officiated at the marriage of Richard II.

In 1764 he officiated as a priest in Dundee, but in May 1765 accepted an invitation to live with the earl of Traquair, where, with abundance of leisure and the free use of an adequate library, he made further progress in his favourite biblical studies.

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Thus it came about that he was brought up as a Roman Catholic, chiefly at the scat of Mr Holman at Warkworth, Northamptonshire, where the Rev. John Gother, a celebrated controversialist, officiated as chaplain.

On the 30th of May the priests were once more sent for - to wit, his nephew, the abbe Mignot, the abbe Gaultier, who had officiated on the former occasion, and the parish priest, the cure of St Sulpice.

At the coronation of Ferdinand II., when he officiated as grand-standardbearer, he received the order of the Golden Fleece and fresh donations.

Skinner's church was burnt; his house was plundered; for some years he had to minister to his congregation by stealth; and in 1753 he suffered six months' imprisonment for having officiated to more than four persons besides his own family.

They describe (a) the consecration of Aaron and his sons, a ceremony which lasted seven days (viii.), and (b) the public worship on the eighth day, at which Aaron and his sons officiated for the first time as priests (ix.); then follow (c) an account of the death of Nadab and Abihu for offering strange fire (x.

On leaving the university he apparently took Anglican orders, and officiated in several parishes, Hastings among them.

After graduating at Cambridge (Emmanuel College) and taking holy orders, he officiated for several years as curate at Mitcham.