Sentence Examples with the word Offa

A church was built on the spot, c. 793, by King Offa of Mercia.

There are Saxon still extant an impression of the seal of Offa of Mercia royal (A.D.

There is more than one meaning of Offa discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

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It is probable that about this time Offa definitely annexed the kingdom of Sussex, as several persons, Osmund, IElfwald and Oslac, who had previously used the royal title, now sign with that of dux.

In 765 and 770 grants are made by a King Osmund, the latter of which is witnessed by Offa of Mercia.

In 779 Offa of Mercia defeated him and took Bensington.

It is customary to ascribe to Offa a policy of limited scope, namely the establishment of Mercia in a position equal to that of Wessex and of Northumbria.

In 796 Offa died after a reign of thirty-nine years and was succeeded by his son Ecgferth.

Under British administration the province is divided into three divisions, Illorin (central), Offa (southern) and Patiji (northern).

In 774 land in Lydd was granted by Offa to the monks of Christ Church, Canterbury, and the archbishop of Canterbury evidently held the lordship of the town from an early date.