Sentence Examples with the word Oc

If all the water be frozen, we have the vapour pressure curve of ice OB; while, if the pressure be raised, so that all the vapour vanishes, we get the curve OC of equilibrium between the pressure and the freezing point of water.

Axis of the fixed and OC that of the rolling cone, and J is the point of contact of the polhode and herpolhode, which are of course both circles.

S oc cattle, 5,000,000; sheep, 6,000,ooo; goats, 1,800,000; swine, 1,8oo,ooo.

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R represented by the diagonal OC of the parallelogram determined by OA, OB.

At 0 be A, A, C, and if n be the constant angular velocity about the axis OC the FIG.

In using benzoyl chloride in this reaction the condensation is found to proceed better if a little ammonium chloride be added: 2C6H5 CNd-C6H5.0001 C6H5 C Cl OC C6H5 6 H 5 N C(C6H5):N The cyanidines behave as weak bases.

The histological structure oc', oc 2, Distal and proximal median of the Scyphomedusae is in ocelli.

Between F and A A Virtual Virtual, erect, diminished Erect, same size CO Between oc and A A a superficial account of the traffic in indulgences, and a rough and ready assumption, which even Kostlin makes, that the darkness was greatest just before the dawn.