Sentence Examples with the word Obsequies

The son or adopted son of the deceased kneels before the highpriest, and promises due performance of all the religious duties and obsequies to the dead.

The periodical performance of the commemorative rite of obsequies called Sraddha - i.e.

The obsequies took place on Sept.

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The important part taken by Portuguese prelates and theologians at the Council of Trent stimulated religious writing, most of it in Latin, but Frei Bartholomeu dos Martyres, archbishop of Braga, wrote a Cathecismo da doutrina Christa, Frei Luiz de Granada a Compendio de Doutrina Christa and Sermoes, all in Portuguese, and other notable pulpit orators include Diogo de Paiva de Andrade, Padre Luiz Alvares, Dom Antonio Pinheiro and Frei Miguel dos Santos, who preached at the obsequies of King Sebastian.

C. Neville, Saxon Obsequies (London, 1852); J.

C. 2) on occasion of the obsequies of Severus, which he appears to have witnessed.

At his funeral obsequies the celebrated proselyte Aquila (Akylas Onkelos), reviving an ancient custom, burned costly materials to the value of seventy minae.

The obsequies of Achilles, as described in the Odyssey, were also celebrated with details which are strikingly similar to those observed in tumuli both of the Bronze and Iron Ages.

The Jews were also in the habit of using odoriferous substances in connexion with the funeral obsequies of distinguished persons (see 2 Chron.