Sentence Examples with the word Objected

General Peel, howeverSir Robert Peels brotherwho held the seals of the war office, objected to this extension; and the cabinet ultimately decided on evading, the difficulty by bringing forward a series of resolutions on which a scheme of reform might ultimately be based.

This system has been objected to as artificial, and in many cases not descriptive, the distinction between premolars and canine especially being sometimes not obvious; but the terms are now in such general use, and also so convenient, that it is not likely they will be superseded.

An attempt was made to utilize fully the abilities of this eminent administrator by creating him civil lieutenant-governor, in whom to concentrate both the real and the nominal power of detailed administration; but the military authorities objected to his corresponding directly with the Colonial Office; and a political deadlock began to develop. Sir A.

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The term, as definitely distinguishing one branch of metal-working from another, is objected to by many on the ground that no such prefix was required in the best periods of art, and that allied crafts continue to do without it to the present day.

It is sometimes objected that the Christian church did not denounce slavery as a social crime and insist on its abolition.

The postal authorities objected to the name Monticello, originally used, and Mount Vernon was adopted instead.

Bishop Fabian suffered martyrdom in January 250, and, when Cornelius was elected his successor in March or April 251, Novatian objected on account of his known laxity on the above-mentioned point of discipline, and allowed himself to be consecrated bishop by the minority who shared his views.

By this time the salary had been increased to X1 2; in 1801 it was He had learnt of Raikes's Sunday Schools before he left the Establishment, but he rightly considered the system set on foot by himself far superior; the work and object being the same, he gave six days' tuition for every one given by them, and many people not only objected to working as teachers on Sunday, but thought the children forgot in the six days what they learnt on the one.

The inhabitants of the district, however, objected to the cession, especially to the terms, which, they contended, threatened them with two years of anarchy; declared their independence of North Carolina and organized for themselves the state of Franklin.

Each vote is dealt with separately, notice being given beforehand by one party to the other of the votes objected to and therounds of objection.